Books by Emilie Caldwell Stewart

Military Identity Documents Third Reich
Signatures of the Third Reich
Wehrpasses and Soldbuchs
German Military Award Documents

Between 1985 and 1996, I authored five reference books and numerous magazine articles aimed at helping WW2 German collectors build authentic, interesting collections of Wehrpasses, Soldbuchs, award documents, identity documents and signatures.  All but one, Signatures of the Third Reich, completed in 1996, are out-of-print.  The books themselves have become collectibles.  I am frequently asked if I will reprint any of them.  At this time, I have no plan to either publish any new references or reprint any books.  I am happy that Bob Treend, formerly editor-published of Der Gauleiter Journal, has been reprinting some of my articles on his German military collectibles website. New collectors should find those articles interesting, informative and helpful.