Documents and Signatures 2


20 April 1944, he was awarded the War Service Cross 2nd Class.  The document was awarded in Wiesbaden, and has the ink signature of SS Gruppenfuhrer and Generalleutnant der Polizei Jürgen Stroop as Hohe SS Polizeifuhrer, Rhein Westmark.  The purple ink stamp has the same. A 5 in size and only binder holes.

Jürgen Stroop led the suppression of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising in 1943, and was responsible for the deaths of over 50,000 people. At war’s end, he was leading Werewolves and surrendered to the Americans. He was tried in 1947 and sentenced to death in March 1947. In May 1947, he was handed over to the Poles, who tried, convicted and sentenced him to death by hanging. He was executed March 1952.  You can Google him.  Neither I nor my signature collector friends have had any other Stroop signatures on an award document.  When encountered, it is always on correspondence.

WW2 German 1944 Juergen Stropp signature Hohe Polizeifuhrer Westmark SS Gruppenfuhrer
WW2 German 1944 Juergen Stropp signature Hohe Polizeifuhrer Westmark SS Gruppenfuhrer

Also included was Busch’s War Service Cross 2nd Class in the issue packet.  The Cross is in excellent condition with no maker mark. The issue packet is in very good condition and has an ink stamp from the firm, AD Baumeister Lüdenscheid.

WW2 German KVK2 Kriegsverdientskreuz War Service Cross 2nd class

Also includes his 7 place First and Second World War Ribbon Bar, consisting of:

WW1 Iron Cross 2nd Class, War Service Cross 2nd Class, Police Service Medal 2nd Class, West Wall Medal, Luftschütz Service Medal 2nd Class, Bulgarian Service Medal with Swords.

WW2 German issue packet bag KVK2 Kriegsverdientskreuz War Service Cross
7 Place WW1 WW2 German Ribbon Bar Police 18 year service medal Iron Cross

Absolutely awesome complete set to Meister der Scützpolizei Peter Busch complete with a Jüergen Stroop signed document for the War Service Cross.