Documents and Signatures 2

WW2 German SA Sport Badge ID Book Bautz Sturmbann 16-70
WW2 German War Service Cross 2nd Class Munich 1944 SA Document kriegsverdienstkreuz
WW2 German SA Sturmabteilung Fitness certificate
Ww2 German SA Sturmabteilung 16-70 document

WW2 ID and Document Set to SA-Scharführer Friedrich Bautz.  Bautz was born 25 January 1905 in Dudweiler and was a miner by profession.  He was a member of SA Sturm 16-70.

His SA Sport Badge booklet was started 1 April 1936, Saarbruecken.  It has his photo smoking a cigarette.  It has entries into1938.

His SA Medical Examination Certificate was completed on 20 August 1936, and has the red ink stap of SA Sturmbann IV-70.  He was classified, 2.

His health “book” was an insert inside the SA Leistungsbuch.  He was found fit 23 May 1936.  Not shown on the inside is where they recorded that his family was free from any genetic defects.

The War Service Cross 2nd Class, Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2 Klasse, lists him as an SA Scharführer.  The award was made 20 September 1944, Munich. It ha a stamped signature of Generalleutnant Vorwald.  The ink stamp is for the Luftgau.

It has a 4 way fold.

Unusual to get a set to an SA Staff Sergeant, especially as late as 1944.


WW2 German document Iron Cross 2nd Class 36 Infanterie Division Kursk
WW2 German War Service Cross with Swords Female award document KVK2

Iron  Cross 2nd Class document, Eisernekreuz 2 Klasse, awarded to Army Unteroffizier Walter Deppert, 7 Company Grenadier Regiment 87.  Awarded 28 August 1943 and has the ink stamp of the 36 Infanterie Division and a signature from a hauptmann in lieu of the Generalmajor and Commander (who was being replaced in August).

The 36 Infanterie Division (motorized) took part in Operation Barbarossa in 1941 and took heavy casualties during the winter.  In the summer of 1942, they again, took heavy casualties in fighting the Soviets at Rzhev and Baranovo.  In May 1943, they were demotorized and in July 1943, fought at Kursk.

Four way fold. Good condition.


Rare War Service Cross 2nd Class with Swords document, Kriegsverdienstkreuz 2 Klasse mit Schwerten, awarded to a female!  The award was made to Fraulein Wilma Kersten, born 12 September 1923, Hamburg.  It was made in Hamburg, 25 August 1944 and has the ink stamp of General der Flieger Bogtash.  Also has the ink stamp of Luftgaukommando XI.

This could possibly be in response to the massive aerial bombing  of Hamburg in July and ending  2 August 1944.

Document has a 4 way fold and shows some age.