Misc. ID’s 2

WW2 German Kennkarte ID Ausweis Stettin

WW2 German Kennkarte, issued 19 June 1944, Stettin, for Roma Mecklenbürg, born 18 August 1891, Stettin. She had no occupation. Photo was removed and the swastika colored in on the front.  Back of the oil cloth ID has a notation that she registered 4 September 1945.  Front has an ink stamp of registration in Hof Saale, 20 May 1947.  She must have left Stettin (Poland) under Russian Occupation at war’s end  for Hof Saale, Germany.


WW2 German Kennkarte ID Card Army Unteroffizier

WW2 German Kennkarte, issued 11 October 1944, Dresden, for Helmut Schneemelcher, born 8 June 1920. He had been a music student at a secondary school.  It was noted he wore glasses.  Nice photo as an Army Unteroffizier.

Excellent condition.



WW2 German ID Card Kipper Kauls Essen forced labor military aviation parts

WW2 German ID Card for an employee of Küpper & Kauls, Heiligenhaus by Düsseldorf.  For Manfred Tunger, born 20 June 1921, Bottrop, who was a mechanic.  Issued 2 May 1941.  In his photo, Tunger wears the lapel pins for the HJ and the Auto Union.  Measures about 4 x 6 inches open.

The firm of Küpper & Kauls was an aviation and military parts distributor.  During WW2, they had 50 slave laborers working there, and are mentioned in various War Crimes references.

Excellent condition.


Vehicle registration for a truck belonging to the Wehrmachtbefehlshaber in Niederland.  Started 27 November 1944 and has Feldpost number 08963, which was for the Wehrmacht Befehlshaber Niederland.   Inside, it has Feldpost number 44613,  which was for Stab, 1, 2 Company Infantry Division Nachrichten Abt. 719 under  1 Fallschirm Armee Antwerp, Niederland.


WW2 German KraftfahrZeugschein Niederland Netherlands 1944
WW2 German Driving Instructor's License Militaer Fahrleherschein
WW2 German Wehrmacht Kraftfahrfachverstaendige Schein

WW2 German Military Driving Instructor’s License and Military Automotive Expert Certificate for Heinrich Kock.  The Instructor’s License was started when Kock was an Unteroffizier with 14 Panzer AbwehrCompany, Infantry Regiment 92, 21 October 1938, Greifswald.  It was for cars.  On 12 April 1943, it was altered to show he was also a driving instructor for motorcycles and trucks.

The Military Automotive Expert Certificate Was started July 1944, when Kock was a Leutnant.  It was valid for motorcycles, cars and trucks to 10 tons.  It was issued by Panzer Artillery Regiment 76.