Soldbuchs 4


Iron Cross 2nd Class document awarded to Maschinen Gefreiter Heinz Beckert, 22 April 1940.  Has 3 binder holes to the left edge.  Signed by Vizeadmiral Hermann Mootz, as Commander of the Security of the east Sea.

Mine Sweeper Badge document awarded to Maschinen Obergefreiter Heinz Beckert, 1 February 1941.  Has 3 binder holes to left edge.  Signed by Kapitan zur See and Commander of the Mine Sweepers West, Friedrich Ruge.  Ruge was a Knight’s Cross recipient and was later promoted to Vice Admiral.

U-Boot Badge document awarded to Maschinen Maat Heinz Beckert, 9 June 1942.  Has 3 binder holes to the left edge.  Fascimile Admiral Karl Doenitz signature.

WW2 German Kriegsmarine U-Boot Submarine Heinz Beckert

1993 photo of  crew members of the U-1019 meeting at the U-Boat Memorial in Moeltenort.  Second from the left is Heinz Beckert.  Third from the left is U-1019 Commander Hans Rinck.

WW2 German Kriegsmarine Minesweeper Document signed Ruge 1941 Beckert
WW2 German Kriegsmarine Iron Cross 2nd Class Document Admiral Mootz signature
WW2 German Kriegsmarine  U-Boot Badge Document 1942 Heinz Beckert