Wehrpass Boeker

WW2 German Wehrpass Boeker from Minden

Wehrpass for Karl Boeker, born 30 April 1891, Niederbecksen.  He was married and a carpenter.

The Wehrpass was started in Minden, 1 November 1943. 

The Wehrpass front cover looks like coffee was splashed on it.

WW2 German Wehrpass Boeker ID

He completed  Volksschule.

He underwent his military induction physical, 1 November 1943, and was classified Landsturm IA, (fit for the home guard).  He had a subsequent physical 4 May 1944, and was classified Landsturm 1A again, but found fit for the war.  He never was called to serve in WW2.

Also includes his Wehrpass Notiz (below).

WW2 German Wehrpass Boeker Wehrpassnotiz Minden

Complete Wehrpass for a man who was never called to serve active military duty.