Wehrpass Fey

WW2 German Wehrpass Obergefreiter Sulzbach Pionier

Wehrpass for Emil Fey, born 3 September 1903, Sulzbach.  He was married.  He was a carpenter.

The Wehrpass was started in Saarbrücken, 5 January 1940. 

WW2 German Wehrpass Conscript 1940 France English Channel Denmark Berlin

His wife in Sulzbach was his next of  kin.

He underwent his military induction physical, 5 January 1940, and was found fit for military service in the field,  Ersatz Reserve 1. 

WW2 German Wehrpass Pionier France Denmark Berlin 1945

His first unit was 4 Company Festungs Bau Batl. 152, 8 January 1940.  He was with 3 Company Festungs Bau Batl. 152, from 10 January 1941 until 19 June 1942.  He was with 2 Festungs Bau Batl 31 from 20 April 1942 until 25 December 1944.  There are some stamped date changes and then he was with Festungs Abschnitt Gruppe 11-31 until March 1945.  At the very end, he was taken into 8 Grenadier Regiment 373 until 9 May 1945.

WW2 German Wehrpass  War Service Cross Swords

He was promoted to Gefreiter 21 December 1941 and to Obergefreiter, 1 September 1943.

He was awarded the War Service Cross 2nd Class with Swords, 1 November 1941.

WW2 German Wehrpass May 1945 Grenadier Regiment 373 Berlin

After training with the Bau Batl., he was posted to the West Front, until May 1940.  He was designated “guard troop” on the West Wall and participated in the 1 Armee occupation until 10 July 1941.  At that time, he was on the French Atlantic Coast.  Until 9 June 1942, he was on coastal protection of the English Channel.  From 20 June until 6 July 1942, he was on the “British Canal Coast.”  25 December 1944, he was in Denmark, and the last date in Denmark was 15 March 1945.

In May, the Regiment as a part of the 199 Infanterie Division was sent to Germany, and deployed in the Berlin area as a lst ditch effort.  The majority of the force was captured in Mark Brandenburg by the Russians, but some escaped to Havelberg and were in American captivity.

WW2 German DAF Member book wife

Nice small set to a combat engineer, who was part of the final effort to protect Berlin from Soviet advances.


Also included is his wife, Maria’s, DAP member book.  It was started 1 July 1943 and has 15 glued in stamps from 1943-1944.