Wehrpass Neustedt

Ww2 German Wehrpass Neustedt Documents Awards

Wehrpass and document set for Heinrich Neustedt, born 7 August 1897, Bürgdamm.  He was a business manager in civilian.

The Wehrpass was started 13 May 1943, Bremen.   The cover is stamped Heer in red ink.

Ww2 German Wehrpass

He had a Class 3 civilian driver’s license.

He was drafted for military service, and was classified Landwehr II, 13 May 1943. 

Ww2 German Wehrpass Served WW1

He served in WW1 from 10 May 1916 until 30 March 1919. 

Ww2 German Wehrpass Award Documents War Service Cross with Swords

He had trained on a 98k rifle.

Ww2 German Wehrpass Iron Cross 2nd Wound Badge

He was awarded the Iron Cross 2nd Class  2 September 1918,  the Black Wound Badge 5 June 1918, and the Hindenburg Cross for Combatants 25 March 1935.

Ww2 German Wehrpass

He was discharged at the demobilization, 31 March 1919. He had been a Schütze with 2 Company Infanterie regiment 31 Altona.

Ww2 German Wehrpass

His WW1 service was on the West Front, 13 November 1916 to 27 July 1917, and from 4 May 1918 to 27 December 1918.

Ww2 German Wehrpass Wounded in trench cave in WW1

He had been injured by being buried (trench? artillery?) 27 July 1917.

Ww2 German Wehrpass Black Wound Badge Document Graf Bole WW1
Ww2 German Wehrpass KVK War Service Cross Document with Swords
Ww2 German Wehrpass Armt uniform photo

Black Wound Badge document awarded to Musketier Heinrich Neustedt, 5 June 1918, as a member of 1 Machine Gun Company Infanterie Regiment Graf Bose (1 Thuringen) 31. With ink stamp and signature of the Major and Commander.

War Service Cross with Swords document awarded to OG Personalamtsleiter Heinrich Neustedt, OG Industeriehafen Bremen. Awarded 27 Oktober 1944 and has a facsimilie signature of General der Flieger Wolff.  This would have been a position in charge of personnel working in the industry-businesses in the Bremen port.

Small 2.5 x 3.5 photo of what sure looks like him in an Army uniform as a private.

Nice small set of Wehrpass and award documents.