Wehrpass Schildknecht


Wehrpass for Lorenz Schildknecht, born 11 July 1891, Fürth.  He was married.  He was the state chancellery secretary.

He completed level 7 of Volksschule and 3 years of training school. 

He underwent his military induction physical, 23 November 1936, and was found fit Landwehr I.  He had a subsequent physical 1 December 1943, and was found fit only for  labor being classified Landwehr IIC. 

The first style Wehrpass has definitely been carried, as you can see from the wear to the cover.


WW2 German Wehrpass Schildknecht Nurnberg state secretary
WW2 German Wehrpass Schildknecht machine gun WW1 lmg15
WW2 German Wehrpass Schildknecht WW1 Infantry Regiment 21

Notation to see the Stammrolle and that he had served in 3 Copmany Infanterie Regiment 21, (in WW1).

WW2 German Wehrpass Schildknecht 98k Luger light machine gun

He trained on K98 rifle, Luger P08 pistol, light machine gun 08-15.  He also attended machine gun school