Documents and Signatures


WW2 Silver Wound Badge document for  Gefreiter Michael Gross, 2 Company Infanterie Regiment 4. Was awarded for one wound received 21 March 1943, in the East. The award was made, 20 March 1943, in a hospital in Bialystok.  It has the ink stamp of the Bialystok hospital and the signature of the chief doctor.

Infanterie Regiment 4 was a part of  32 Infanterie Division.  At the time of his wound, they took heavy losses in the northern sector of the East Front, specifically the southeast part of the Demjansk Pocket.

Only a center fold.


So after several years, I finally have this SS-Police group returned to me.  A long time friend said he would buy the documents and I sent them, assuming payment would cross in the mail.  Nope.  Turns out he consigned them to an auction, hoping to flip them quickly without paying.  After a couple years, they have now been returned to me.

They are now available for purchase from me.

Absolutely super rare signature in this document grouping to Meister der Schützpolizei Peter Busch!  Documents are from WW1 to April 1944.

Army Unteroffizier Peter Busch from St. Ingbert served in the First World War.  He received the Iron Cross 2nd Class.  He also received the Bulgarian Service Medal for Combatants and the award document is present.  The document has a 4 way fold and was made January 1942.

He was awarded the Hindenburg Cross for Combatants, when he was a Police Hauptwachtmeister in St. Ingbert, 8 December 1934. It has a center fold.  There is a typed copy of the award made 3 November 1941. It has a 4 way fold.

14 June 1939, he was awarded the 18 Year Police Service Medal, still as a Police Hauptwachtmeister.  The document is A4 size, has an embossed seal and has a facsimile Joachim Meissner signature.  Binder holes and a center fold.

15 February 1940, he was awarded the West Wall Medal.  It also has the embossed seal and the facsimile Joachim Meissner signature.  A5 in size with binder holes.